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GARDN announces its 4th Recognition award laureate

GARDN is happy to announce its 4th Recognition award laureate. Past GARDN awards have been presented to renowned individuals Hany Moustapha, André Bazergui and Sam Sampath. Today, it is our pleasure to add a fourth member to this worthy group by honoring Benny Pang, Knowledge Domain Owner (Acoustics) for Bombardier, former Chair of GARDN's Scientific Committee for the organization's first five years and Science Director of GARDN.

Benny Pang has always been a strong proponent of Canadian science and technology and has worked tirelessly to unite and challenge industrial, academic and research organizations in the field. Throughout his career, Benny has made a significant contribution to the Canadian science and technology community as a whole.

Mr. Pang has been one of the primary drivers of GARDN since its inception. In fact, he was involved even before its inception, through the Canadian Aviation Environmental Working Group (CAEWG), which led to the establishment of the Green Aviation Research and Development Network (GARDN). Moreover, throughout GARDN's history, Benny Pang has strived to build the network and make it the success it is today, and was instrumental in the renewal of the GARDN network in order to establish “GARDN 2” in 2014, with a total of over $24 million in new funding for research programs. Finally, as GARDN’s Scientific Committee Chair, he made a strong technical contribution to the science of the network and its technical direction.

About the GARDN Recognition Award

The GARDN Recognition Award is presented as a tribute to those who have worked relentlessly toward the development and success of GARDN. It recognizes a person who has helped till the soil, plant the seeds and grow GARDN into what it is today.

Prix de reconnaissance GARDN remis à Benny Pang 

GARDN Call for projects

You are invited to participate to GARDN II’s second call for projects, whose funding envelope totals $7M!



  • Clean Air Transport Systems
  • Quiet Air Transport Systems
  • Sustainable Air Transport Systems


Identify new GARDN projects and partnerships, which will reach following objectives:

  1. Be capable of being led / managed by SMEs;
  2. With significant academic involvement (developing college, graduate and post-doc HQPs);
  3. A combination of 1) and 2).


If you need any further information, please contact Sylvain Cofsky.

GARDN — Green Aviation Research & Development Network

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